In Full - Fridays After Five

Fri, May 26, 2017

In Full - Fridays After Five

with The Velvet People Collective


In Full - Jazz Funk Pop Hits - Free Show

In Full can play a million songs; a million and one if you count that hit that's coming out tomorrow. With a rock solid rhythm section, exclamation points of keys, sax, lead guitar, and equally soaring male and female vocals (Schiavone McGee from Fighting Gravity and Madeline Holly-Sales from Beleza), In Full swings from Kool and the Gang to Coldplay, Madonna to Maroon 5 and Beyonce to Bon Jovi and back again with aplomb.

In other words, any combination of jazz, funk, 80s pop, 90s alternative, Motown and today's hits, this is your band. Their music makes the dance floor bounce with equal parts Uncle John and Grandma Betty, Kids These Days and all your friends. They are In Full - here to spark any event into your epic party.

Free Show
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    5:30 PM


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