Orquesta Mammaye - Fridays After Five

Fri, Jul 22, 2016

Orquesta Mammaye - Fridays After Five

with Lua


Orquesta Mammaye - Afro-Peruvian World Rhythms - Free Show

Coco Linares has long been one of the most accomplished and well respected guitarists, composers and band leaders in Peru. For over 25 years Coco was the arranger and band leader for popular Peruvian show called Media dia de la creole which is a nationally televised program featuring a multitude of peruvian traditional and popular musicians.  In 1985 Coco began fusing afro peruvian rhythms and cuban son rhythms to create a hot afro-peruvian salsa fusion that 30 years later is still setting stages on fire with his 14 piece band Mammaye.

Free Show
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    5:30 PM


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